I love change, but not everyone does. If you’re learning a new way of being, don’t be surprised if you falter a bit or feel anxious. It’s completely natural. After all, there’s definitely a learning curve.

Whether you’re trying to make a change in how you approach parts of your life or if you’re looking for a way to cope with this new world we’re forced to live in, being trying a new way of being isn’t a slam dunk.

Like baby birds hatching, the world we live in can feel like a completely new place to us. (Don’t we know it!) And, like baby birds venturing out of the nest for the first time, we aren’t going to fly smoothly the first few times.

False starts, swerving, hesitating, even stalling? Normal.

And we won’t do it right the first time. Or two. Or five.

How do we get through it? By viewing ourselves with kindness, patience and love. Not judging ourselves.

Take baby steps, at first, so you can get used to this new path.

Evaluate along the way: how do you feel? What needs to be adjusted?

It’s easier if you embrace change, but change is not easy to embrace. Does that make sense?

The key is always to treat ourselves kindly, to be patient with our learning curve, and to adjust course as necessary along the way. This is great advice for life, isn’t it?

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