Nothing is ever beyond repair.
We break, we bleed, and we begin again.
Trust can be mended.
Love can be restored.
New shoots can flourish among the broken stone.
     ~Call the Midwife

There are times in life when we are mightily challenged to hang on to hope. This can apply to things happening close to us, and also on he macro level, in the world around us.

For many, this is one of those times, a time when our grip on hope feels tenuous.

A different outcome takes more than just holding on to hope. It takes ACTION.

If we want things to be different in our lives, we have got to do something. Take some positive action to try to make that change reality.

Hope is a good thing, but in and of itself won’t be enough.

Still, it all begins with understanding that nothing is beyond repair. That equilibrium can be restored, both personally and globally. The first step is for us to act. It might not work, but for sure it won’t work if we don’t act.  Because nothing can happen without that first step.

I hope this inspires you to act today.

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