How do we find our way through life? That IS the question, isn’t it? Because life doesn’t promise a smooth trajectory.

People look for spiritual guidance, read self-help books, go to therapy– all with the goal of figuring out how to move forward after tough times or even a trauma.

One thing I’ve found comforting is to understand that there IS no manual for life. We just have to live it. And we have to make mistakes.

When I find myself the most broken, it helps to understand that I’ve been drawn to that exact scenario (yes, even if it’s really, really hard) and that my brokenness is simply the Divine providing me with an opportunity to rearrange the pieces of my life and maybe even add or subtract a couple.

When we’re hurting the most, consider it pain from the broken pieces being put back together. Sometimes the pieces are put back much as they were, only reinforced to be stronger. Other times, it’s an entirely new design, with pieces in a different formation and maybe even a few new ones, while some that no longer serve us might be dropped off.

Whether it’s due to trauma or other hard times, we break and are put back together many times in our life.

That IS the work of life.

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