Most of us know people who seem to have repeated bad luck. Things go badly again and again.

I’ve observed that this often happens when someone fails to take the lesson being presented to them.

Bad stuff happens to us all. It’s just part of the journey. But what we do when bad stuff happens? That’s part of the lesson.

It’s human nature to default to what we’ve always done–the familiar is always more comfortable than something different. And don’t I know it. I can be the queen of stubbornly holding on to old ways, even when I think I am working hard to not do that very thing.

It’s not about happy-face-look-at-the-bright-side. I’m talking about saying, “Hey! The same thing keeps happening over and over again–what am I supposed to be learning here?”

Life presents us with so many teachable moments and we’re meant to actually learn from them. When we stubbornly hold on to ways that no longer serve us, when we fail to notice that life is calling on us to do something different, that’s when history is fated to repeat itself, again and again.

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