My social media feeds are filled with friends doing their best to heal, some from Covid, some from other conditions. Painful, life threatening, annoying, aggravating, horrible–the issues run the gamut.

When researchers study the value of having a safe place to express feelings about your condition (or even a loved one’s condition) the value is clear.  Here’s what’s also true:

-Not everyone is ready to hear what a sick person has to say. We must pick and choose carefully those with whom we share our feelings.
-Not every sick person wants to share their deepest thoughts with others about what’s going on in their head, heart or body.
-Yet there is plenty to say and it’s so helpful for healing to have an oultet.

Each page of our Guided Journal for Healing has a prompt or a simple activity meant to gently support healing.

healing-giftThe prompts give you a focus for expressing your feelings and the activities provide something helpful to do, however simple. Both are so key to coping and recovering.


An activity in the Healing Journal could be as simple as visualizing, which is more effective than you might think. Because it’s such a simple thing:
The journal is spiral bound and sized so it’s portable and easy to work with. Some of those who use it take it to treatments and use it along with their medical efforts. One called our large healing gift (that includes the guided journal) her “cancer survival kit.”

Plus, it’s pretty to look at.

healing-giftAlone, it makes a thoughtful gift for only $15.95, but combined with other supportive items in one of our healing gift packages, it really is special, unique and helpful. Shipping now.

Find all our support for healing here.

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