Before dawn the dogs asked to go out. Demanded, really. I was tired, but I didn’t mind so much. I love the predawn hours.

I stood in our tiny back yard and stared up at the dark sky dotted with stars and pondered the nature of the world and the plan that created it. If we believe a greater power created the world, then we have to believe that what’s going on now is part of the plan.

I know, hard to fathom, right?

Those difficult thoughts went by the wayside this morning, though, as I sat in a chair and just breathed in celestial beauty…connecting with the steady starlight and the billions of years they’ve been there. I couldn’t help but be awestruck.  Stargazing in my yard, I felt a bit of the peace that’s been so elusive lately.

It’s a beautiful, natural meditation. Try it, yourself.

Tonight or in the predawn hours, relax outdoors in a chair. Take some full breaths in and out, slow and steady, just like our guiding stars. Connect with the greater reality, the fact that there is more than what we are now going through.

What do you feel when stargazing?  Here’s what I feel:

I wish you all these things.

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