I love this question because there are so many reasons people call me for a regression.


Some people are simply curious. That’s what brought me to my own first past life regression: I just wondered what would happen.

Seeking roots

There are also people who wonder if a chronic condition or recurring pattern originated in something that happened in a past life.

Why am I here? and who ARE these people?

Others want to know more about the meaning of this life and the role of those who are in it. In that situation, I recommend a “life between lives” regression, for an opportunity to visit the time just before this life, when you were in the spirit world with your team of wise elders, making plans for this life. It’s a little different from a past life regression. You might discover the purpose of this life and why certain people are in it. Which can be verrry interesting.

I’ve done online regressions since the start and now I do them solely on Zoom and I’ve cut prices during this difficult time. There’s no magic to being face-to-face. Just like mediums can connect by phone or online, so can you. It’s all just energy.

Want to know more? Schedule a call to discuss or ask questions via email. This may be just the right time to do some deep digging!

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