When something happens that we can’t wrap logic around, it’s only natural to think it can’t be true. And to look for things that support our rationale.

But if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that reality doesn’t end at what we can see and feel and touch every day. Mysteries abound in this life–and the universe is one of the most mysterious things of all.

Which brings me to alien abductions.

We can’t be alone

It’s obvious to me that we can’t be the only life in the entire universe, although some of us would like to think we are. It makes sense to me that more is out there. More that is out of our reach to see and maybe even understand.

Slowly, we are learning. Painfully. But science is on the path of knowing more. Even physicists are beginning to find credible proof of multiverses.

If we look at what we knew 200 years ago, we’d consider it primitive. And yet, it’s easy to think that we are a technologically advanced society and that what we know now is the be-all and end-all.

No. 200 years from now what’s going on now–the internet, social media, electric vehicles, space journeys–will be considered primitive. So I do not doubt that by then we could know for sure about life on other planets and maybe more about our role in the bigger picture.

So why are alien abductions so hard to believe?

I have had regression clients who believed they might have been abducted. They come to dig deeper into that possibility through regression. As a practitioner, I am open to whatever their journey might bring. Sometimes it can be downright scary for them, and my role is to keep them at a distance from the terror so they get the information they seek, but don’t freak out in the process.

At the end of every alien abduction regression, I’ve come away believing that their scenarios are likely to be real. While science fiction is everywhere and I am alert, of course, for signals that they are retelling a story they’d heard, in every one of these regressions there is detail that they could not have made up. Obscure and unusual detail. It’s those things that convince me that something real has happened.

You probably know someone who believes they were abducted. They just don’t talk about it. They’re afraid people will think they’re crazy, especially if their profession is a traditional one.

It seems foolish to me for us to think we are the only beings in the Universe. And if we believe that other life exists, why wouldn’t abductions for research purposes be possible? After all, our own planet has a long history of abductions–like slavery.

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