When was the last time you had a really healthy lunch?

We’re an on-the-go society and sometimes lunch is more convenient than it is healthy, especially if we are working and too busy to either fix a healthy lunch to go –or we just grab something easy. Often we just can’t take the time to prepare something to bring to work.

Nutrition is an adjunct to any kind of healing and it is, of course, a major factor in preventing disease. So let me remind you that you can make these easy salad-in-a-jar lunches, refrigerate them and grab one as you are heading out the door.  Here’s how:

Get a few quart size Mason jars. Tear your favorite lettuces into bite sized pieces and drop into the jar. Add tomatoes, cukes, carrots or other vegetables. Fill it up with tastes you absolutely love.

Thealthy-lunchhe one pictured has kidney beans for protein but you can also add cooked chicken, shrimp, beef–anything you like–even cheese or turkey pepperoni. Make it your own!

For this salad I added a spoonful of Le seur peas for a different taste. Apples because I love the crunch and mmmm.

If you want to add croutons, nuts, seeds to yours, go right ahead.  Or berries! Pears! Make it a yummy salad, flavorful and crunchy.

Screw the top on and refrigerate. Make up to 4 of them–they keep about 5 days in the fridge. As you’re heading out the door, add some dressing and shake it up.  Take it with you to the office (with a fork, of course!)

Shake it again just before you eat it and…enjoy a healthy lunch that tastes fabulous and is oh-so-filling.  And kids love them too– a jar full of some of their favorite flavors is irresistible to kids who like salads. And yes, some kids, do! (Start them young!)

So, shake it up, baby, and enjoy a delicious, nutritious lunch.

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