How is it possible that Valentine’s Day is already on the horizon? The day is not just for lovers, either. Because love is love.

Remember those cute little valentine cards we used to give classmates back in the day? Do kids even do that any more? Probably not. But they were so adorable!  And everyone got one.Inclusive.

BOOM! A love bomb coming your way!

The day of love is a time to love bomb everyone we love: not just our partners (if we have one) but our mother, grandmother, bestie, sister, favorite cousin.

My 12-year-old toy poodle, Benji, has begun to love bomb me. He’s suddenly jumping up to kiss me repeatedly for no reason–I love it! It’s really fun to find ways to love bomb those we love–to take them by surprise with a little something on the day of love. Like Benji does!

Our pretty Hearts & Flowers candles are back in stock for the holiday. Yes, that’s a live link for more info. The new 4-oz soy candles come in a pretty screw top lid and can be scented or not as you choose. They’ve got a heart-shaped pink quartz on top and all sorts of love-oriented crystals. Plus our usual pretty florals in red or pink. Customers say my candles are little works of art, and they are!

New options for you!

For Valentine’s Day only, I’ve added two new options: an 8 oz square glass container candle and an even bigger custom 14-16 oz candle. They are all stunning and they burn a long time. Soy burns clean, so no soot. No harmful phthalates in these candles, either. What a thoughtful and lovely gift for someone you care about!

If you’d like to love bomb someone with a Hearts & Flowers candle, the order deadline is Jan 21 so I have time to make it a real work of art. Also, scented candles must “cure” for at least 10 days so the fragrance adheres to the soy wax for great scent throw. Even better if it’s 14 days. I’ve built that time in so your candles will be ready to burn when you get them.

You’ll get it in time

Shipping will begin Jan. 31 by USPS Priority mail, so they normally arrive within about three days. I can ship to you or to your loved one anywhere in the U.S.

**  If you’d like to order 3 or more, message me at carol at and let’s talk discount!

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