Healing affirmation deck: 50 pretty, compact cards.

To honor the memory of my beautiful friend who inspired my business, and my mom, for whom I grieved hard for a long time, I am offering both my Healing Affirmation decks and Grief Affirmations on a 2 for 1 sale.

You may not know that my friend actually used the very first (and very crude) version of the healing affirmations during her last illness. One day when I was visiting her at Stanford Medical Center she turned to me and said, “You need to make these and sell them. They are so helpful!”

After she died, three years ago this month, that’s exactly what I did.


Grief affirmation deck: 50 supportive, helpful cards.

It’s a big thing to me, this honoring of their memory. And I wanted to make sure your loved ones who are either healing or grieving have the same benefit my friend did.

Get one of each or two of the same, it doesn’t matter, with checkout code 2for1.  Find them here.

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