Stuff is for pleasure.
Lack of stuff is pain.
Neither pain nor pleasure is happiness.
~Krishna Das

I have trouble with some vision boards and manifestation.

What? But you make and sell manifestation candles! you might respond.

I do. So let me clarify:

My stomach always churns (literally) when I see vision boards chock-full of stuff like fancy cars, houses, jewelry. Why is that?

Because none of that stuff makes us happy. 

Sure, if you don’t have it, you might think it does. But it doesn’t. 

Since it doesn’t, is stuff a helpful objective?

Maybe happiness would be a more useful goal.

And if happiness is the objective maybe we need to dig a little deeper into what that would mean.

Certainly having good health. And love. Having “enough.”  What else makes us happy? How do we find out?

Listen to what’s inside us. Because, as KD said the other day on retreat, “all the teachings are really inside you.”

We have the wisdom. We know what really makes us happy. And THAT’S what we should look toward. What makes us happy.

After all, stuff is just stuff.

Just stuff.

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