Our beautiful candles, holiday and otherwise, make absolutely stunning and thoughtful holiday gifts.

If you’d like candles before the end of the year, you must order now–taking orders through Dec. 1, will start shipping Dec. 7 so you get them before Christmas…and then our candle shop closes down until the new year.

We’ll sell from inventory, if any, through December, but there is no guarantee we’ll have what you want. Or any candles at all!

We’ll also take custom orders on a 1/1 basis through the month.

Below are some holiday gift ideas …. you can find all our candles here:

For your very best friend: “you’re my person”


A pretty and cheery Lemon Drop candle for kitchen or powder room in any season:

Someone who loves their pet, just adopted one or is grieving a pet’s loss. Pet charm may vary from photo.


Our standard candles are all gorgeous, scented or unscented.

Holiday and seasonal candles and yes we do make a blue/white themed holiday candle.


Place your order on this website or message me!

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