I love soul food and consume it as much as possible—which is to say when I see a chance to reach out and support someone, I will. Always.

And I know many of you do the same thing.


Guided journal: in large condolence gift.

Look around.

Someone you know is brought low by grief or fighting a battle for life, itself.

When you’re looking for a sensitive way to support someone who’s grieving or facing a health challenge our beautiful, gentle gift packages do just that.

They’re helpful, thoughtful and affordable: Four gift options, starting at $19.99.


Large healing gift. Not sure you can see the heart shaped rose quartz stone included.

They are pretty special.

And you can add a stunning healing candle with crystals to make them even more special.

So look around. Which of your loved ones could use some extra support?

I hope you will consider these gifts as soul food for them-and the act of giving as soul food for you.

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