It’s a free webinar and discussion about how we can manage through change of any kind. It’s Wed., Sept. 11 at 11amPDT/2pmEDT and you can register for free right here!

Whether it’s stage of life, health, job, empty nest or something else, change can make or break us.  Believe me, I’ve had my challenges with life changes. So what I’ve learned has been through some hard experience:

  • I moved across country several times, without job or any familiarity with the region.
    Like all of us, I have had relationship changes.
    Both job and career changes.
    Jobs gone bad–oh yes, that, too.
    Financial challenges were part of the mix.
    I watched a husband go through the loss of his beloved daughter.
    I grieved my own losses.
    Did I mention menopause?
    I started a business on a wish and a prayer.

You’re probably thinking, “well, that’s life!” and it is. Life is all about change. Some of it quite daunting.

I’ll be sharing a useful way to approach change and manage through it as well as possible. Yes, even when you don’t want it.

Register for free here.  Hope to see you there!

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