When life changes hit–and any transition can sneak up ….or explode with a big BANG! our first instinct is often to draw back for refuge.

To retreat. To draw the covers over our head. Because we do not want to face the question, “Now what?”

I know this first-hand. I know, it looks like I’ve got it all together, but it was a long haul to get here, full of trial and error. Mostly error, to be honest.

D-I-V-O-R-C-E or any breakup

Divorce was a big shock, at least the first one was. I was a mess. Embarrassingly so.

The next time, it was my choice, but that wasn’t much easier. Sure, momentum got me through, but after that? The question was “Now what?”

Job changes

Job discontent was a pivot point more than once. Let’s face it: It’s hard to work for someone else and when your values don’t coincide, it’s even harder.

How about when it becomes drudgery and you hate to even go in? Or it creates anxiety? I’ve treated clients who have job anxiety.  I know someone who was so stressed by her job she went out on long-term disability. Then the question becomes: “Now what? What do I do now?”


Retirement is an infamous transition. A financial planner told me to be prepared emotionally for the day when I withdrew money rather than deposited it and he was right. Rather scary. Anxiety-producing.

And then, all that time on my hands. Sure, it sounded good but I wasn’t ready to sit back.  “Now what?” I asked myself.

Oh, honey, I’ve had my share of “now what” and the answers didn’t come easily.

Struggling in the muck

Many of us stumble around, out of our element. We’re doing the best we can but we’re unprepared for putting our next act together. The next chapter. The “now what?”

First, there’s coming up with it.

Then, the risk: what if we’re wrong?

Not to mention not knowing how to increase the odds of success.

Our expectations.

It’s all big mess at first, and we muck around until we figure something out. And yes, there’s value in struggling in the muck.

But we don’t have to. It’s not the only way. As I learned over the years.

There’s an easier way.

I’m a super-analytical person and I did figure out how to make things work. Just about anything. Yep. And I want to share my secrets.

That’s the core reason I put together my retreat to Jordan: to help people figure out and test their next steps–and to provide some outside eyes to help spark new, creative ideas for that next chapter, whether it’s a relationship, a job, or something else.

If you’re facing a life transition and haven’t been to the retreat website to see what it’s about, I hope you will. Because it’s the perfect place for anyone facing a life change. And it’ll be fun, too! or email me at ccassara (at) gmail.com to set up a time to talk about it!

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