transitionAny transition can be fraught with anxiety. I know this from my own experience.

My friends are going through it, too–empty nest, divorce, widowhood, retirement, job changes can be difficult times of transition. We might know that eventually we’ll come out of it, but walking through it is another story. So here are four ways to make it through a transition:

Focus on you: what you want and what you need. 

Need time to yourself? Take it without guilt. Need a massage? Go get one. (Tip: massage schools often offer discounted services.) Need company? Make it happen. Need to get away? Find a way to do it. There’s always a way, even if it’s a day trip to the beach. Doing what YOU need is the most important thing in any time of transition.

Think about what you do well.

Make a list of your talents. Yes, you have them. List them. These are things you are probably validated for, so they serve your self-esteem. Which often takes a hit in times of change.

Make another list, this time of what you love to do.

Don’t judge what comes to mind–it doesn’t matter what–just write down whatever comes to mind. These should be the things that bring you joy.

Compare the lists.

Do you see any overlap? If you do, then these are the things you should be doing more of: activities that you are validated for and that you love to do.

If you don’t see overlap, that’s a big aha! It’s time to do MORE things that you love to do. Add them to your schedule.

And then, if you’re looking to change jobs or careers, start thinking about the things you can do that overlap on your “do well/love to do” lists. What kind of career change (or volunteer opportunity) might give you that kind of fulfillment?

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