fast-forwardSocial media expose us to the great joys of life — and also the great sorrows. The sadness people feel. Their hard times. The challenges. We see it all on the screen, sometimes even as it is unfolding. Sometimes it’s so vivid it’s as if it were happening to us.

And then, sometimes, it DOES. It does happen to us.

Don’t we sometimes wish we could fast forward through those tough times? I know I do.

Truth is, we can’t fast forward or speed through life. Life doesn’t work that way. We have to experience every minute of every episode, no matter how difficult. Sometimes, it will be agonizingly painful in any way you can imagine and some you can’t.

Other times you’ll wish you could hold on to one particular moment forever.

But life doesn’t work that way, either. We have to keep going. We are meant to live it out, every moment of it.

Sometimes our lessons are clear, at least eventually. Other times we have no idea what we’re supposed to be learning or be reminded of.

And that’s just the way life is. A great mystery, no?

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