patiencePatience. Not my long suit. But It’s something we need to have more of as we age no matter how it’s applied.

As I write, I am more than five weeks out from a complete hysterectomy. Even though I had the big abdominal incision, I expected to spring back quickly. To heal as easily as I did when I had a similar incision 30 years ago.

Not so fast, Carol!

Even though my hotshot surgeon, male,  told me at two weeks I was cleared to do any activity –including aerobics!–I thought he was insane. He hadn’t even examined me, for one, and for two, I could barely walk two blocks without discomfort. My incision was brewing a bacterial infection, as well, and he knew that his PA had given me antibiotics for it.  An aerobics class would clearly have landed me in the hospital again. He was…clueless.

But by five weeks out, I figured I’d be healed. So I saw my GYN, who assisted at the surgery. Who actually took a look.

“You’re not healed yet,” she said, definitively, as she peered in.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Age,” she responded. “You just don’t heal as fast when you are older.”

So add that to the list of unexpected consequences of aging. I suppose it should have been obvious that at almost 68 my body wouldn’t spring back as rapidly as when I was 38. But truly, I didn’t expect recovery to linger.

Patience. As I age I am learning that it’s a trait that comes in handy. But it’s hard for me to practice.

Wish me luck. And let me know if you know the secret to exercising patience.

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