It IS easier to just take a pill when something ails us. Anxiety, pain–whatever the problem is, one swallow and poof! It’s gone. At least for a period of time.

But is it the best thing?

I say “no.”  I don’t like putting things into my body. Even over-the-counter pain relievers like acetamin0phen. and ibuprofen have gnarly potential side effects, especially to the liver. If you could have no harmful side effects and get the same result with hypnotherapy, why wouldn’t you give it try?

For both me and my husband, hypnotherapy was our post-surgery pain relief method of choice.  And it worked. I use it still any time something is wrong. And it works.

It’s not as easy as just swallowing a pill, but it is certainly safer.

Someone once told me “I don’t believe in hypnotherapy.”  Seriously? Uhh, dude. It’s not a religion.

But the fact is that if you do not think it will work, it won’t work. Because the brain is that powerful. Which is why it’s powerful enough to manage pain. You follow?

A stranger cold-called me a few months ago and said he and friends were looking to engage a hypnotherapist for a friend so they could prove to that friend that hypnotherapy worked.  I was taken aback. I responded that no ethical hypnotherapist would do this because the fact is, if the friend didn’t believe it worked, it wouldn’t work.

But just that fact illustrates how it DOES work.

It’s not magic. It’s using the brain. The mind. The subconscious.

I am certain that one day in the future, hypnotherapy will be commonly used in medicine. But not yet. Not while Big Pharma has a grip on physicians and the medical establishment. Not as long as there are big profits to be made in keeping patients dependent on drugs.

So here I sit, hypnotherapy skills at the ready. If you’re interested in talking about if and how it could help you, schedule a 15 minute call with me using the purple button on my hypnotherapy page. No harm in talking, right?

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