truthI was raised in a religion that believed babies came into the world with original sin.

But that’s not what I believe to be true. The truth for me is something different.

I believe babies come into the world with all the knowledge they need for the length of their life. As the years pass, experiences come up that allow them (us) to “remember” what they (we) already know.

We already know everything, says Baba Ram Dass.  “The truth is everywhere, wherever you are…and you can see it…you can free yourself from attachments that keep you from seeing it.”

For me, it’s an important point. Looking at my own life, I notice how different things look to me now than they did when I was younger. The “aha!” moments I’ve had and keep having can easily be seen as moments of recognition, rather than brand new concepts.

I wonder if you can sit and ruminate on that as it relates to your own life. And if you’d like to explore that further, schedule a call with me to discuss how a spiritual connection service might help you do that. Use the purple button on THIS PAGE.

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