Before and after my recent surgery I employed quite a few energy healing techniques. I credit those tools for my lack of pain (when I was told to expect it and given an Rx for pain medication) and for my anxiety-free experience. So I decided to put together a compact little energy healing kit so that you would also have access to them, too.

And don’t worry–there’s a little instruction sheet included so you will know how to use it. Plus I kept it super-affordable and small enough to fit on a night table or an altar. Nothing elaborate–just the most effective basics with some goodies, too.

First, let’s start with the white sage smudge stick to help clear the energy of your room. Simply light it and let the flame go out. Walk through your space with the smoking sage and state your energy clearing intention. Afterwards, be sure to let the flame go out in a fireproof dish. Sage smudging can be done every morning to clear your home of negative energy, whether you are healing or not. But it’s great to do as part of your healing ritual.

energy-healingThe sacred wood palo santo works in a similar way. Bless each corner of the room as you let the smoke waft around and state your healing intention. I love the fragrance of this wonderful tool.

Your small selenite wand is powerful. Use it to scan and help heal your body — hold it about six inches from the body and move it downward as you visualize healing. Or place it on a body part that feels tight or painful for about 20 minutes to release blockages.

Toss the little bag of ritual herbs  in your bathtub as you take a long soak or can burn it in ritual and meditate on healing.

energy-healingI carry my small amethyst so its healing vibe is always with me. I also keep one on my bedside table.

All over my house you’ll see the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, used in many cultures for healing.  Now, you can have one. And the tiny spiral amulet included represents pure energy and evolution. Both little amulets can be put in a bowl of small crystals, worn around your neck on a cord or hung somewhere. I keep mine in my mesa (medicine bag) which I use in regressions and hypnotherapy.

Three healing affirmations are also included in your package to help jump start developing your own healing affirmations for meditation.  These things absolutely worked for me!

And of course, the instructions for using all of these items are included.  The package is loaded with energy healing tools you can use or give to someone who would appreciate them. And it’s affordable.

I’d love to send you one. Simply visit the page here  for more information. If you’d like to talk about it first (or about anything), simply shoot me an email at the “Contact Me” tab.


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