There are times when I am confused by things that happen in life. Puzzled. As if I am from some alien planet. Such was the case the other day, when I told a group of friends I was having a hysterectomy. One of them immediately responded  “Have they told you what to expect post-surgery?”

“Yes,” I replied. “My doctor said I’d be down about six weeks, no driving for 10 days and I need to be three weeks post-op to comfortably do a cool weekend I have planned.”

“Well,” she responded, “don’t expect a quick recovery. That surgery is really rough on your body and it is going to be a lot harder than they made it seem.”

I was completely taken aback, because that’s not how I roll.

The way I roll is to believe that surgery will go easily and without anxiety on my part. That I will have a rapid, pain-free recovery. That nothing significant will be found.  I not only believe this but affirm it daily and do my own self-hypnosis to that end.

THAT is how I roll.

It is the way I have always rolled, even when faced with three surgeries in three years (back in the 90s). I might not have been a hypnotherapist back then but I knew to focus on the positive. And I had quick recoveries from them all. Yes, that could be me, strolling through fields of lavender during my recovery. At least in my mind.

Why would I want to plant negative thoughts in advance of my procedure?

My friend meant well. She just wasn’t thinking about the impact of her words.

So a piece of advice: When someone tells you they’re having surgery, wish them an easy time and a quick recovery. There’s no need to share any negative experiences, any scare stories.

Just give them the gift of your best wishes and positive vibe.


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