silenceSilence does not reply,
although it is full of answers
        –Madalina Coman

Are you using the silence of these cold winter days and nights to find answers to the big questions of your life?

Maybe like me, you think too much. I’ve always tried to reason things out, think them through. But sometimes, the bigger questions don’t lend themselves to thought.

I’ve found that if I just quiet my mind and listen in the silence, the answers come.

These cold winter nights–and days–are just made for the wisdom of silence.

So… find yourself a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. Bring the issue or question to mind.  And then, empty your mind of thoughts and wait. Focus on your breath. Or a lit candle. Or a mantra.

Sit and let answers come to you. Another idea is to free-write in. a journal. Just write what ever comes to mind. Paint or draw, if that’s your thing.

Your inside voice will speak in the silence. All you have to do is listen. Because we really do have all the answers.

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