anxiety-attacksIt’s been a long time since I’ve had an anxiety attack, but I have had them. They’re scary, can be debilitating and it seems like they come out of nowhere.

But of course, they don’t come out of nowhere.  There’s always a reason.

Anxiety (or panic, for that matter) is a messenger, a warning sign that something in your life is out of balance.

Something might be blocked. You might not be dealing with something. Or you may be in the middle of a super-stressful situation.

Friends have had debilitating anxiety from job stress. Panic attacks.

Others have had anxiety attacks in times of great life transition. Even positive change can create stress.

Worry can trigger an anxiety attack.

Anxiety can also be rooted in trauma.

I read somewhere that while anxiety is a warning signal, that characteristic makes it also a gift. It wakes us up, and cries “Pay Attention!” before something worse happens.

Once we know it’s there, we can do something about it.

I love advice like “let it go” or “release those blockages.”  We aren’t taught to do that. But in today’s world, we have many options.

One of my friends treats their anxiety with twice daily meditation, a new practice that came about after having such extreme symptoms they were seen in Emergency. Now THAT’S a wake up call.

I see clients with anxiety, and it’s something hypnotherapy is effective in handling. Even via Zoom.

If you’d like to try hypnotherapy for anxiety in person or via Zoom online, let’s talk. You can be anywhere in the world to take advantage of this offer. Many people think there’s something magic in being physically present but the truth is, hypnotherapy is all about the voice. There’s no need to be in the same room. If you’d like to talk about it, book a 15-minute free call on my hypnotherapy information page.  Or simply email me and we’ll set up a time to talk. I’ll explain how it works and you can decide if you’d like to try it. I’m at ccassara (at) gmail

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