gift-guideI know. It’s early. But you know what they say: the early bird gets the worm. That’s why I’m offering this early holiday gift guide for those very special people in your life. Unique, beautiful and easy on the budget!

Those who provide services that help you

Maybe your stylist, manicurist, dog groomer, housekeeper, trainer or anyone you see regularly and appreciate so much.  These are the people who help make our lives easier.  Consider a beautiful candle with healing stones and botanicals makes a great impression and is still easy on the budget–from $12 to $25, depending on the size.

Order a popular scent like lavender, vanilla or orange–or to celebrate the season, why not  one of our winter scents? So Nice Sugar & Spice, Nutmeg & Spice, Christmas Spruce, Holiday Hearthside, Creamy Creme Brulee and Winter Spice. These are eco-friendly, burn long and clean, no phthalates, cotton wicks, high quality eco-friendly fragrance, repurposed glass containers and they are gorgeous. Customers LOVE them!

healing-giftLoved ones facing health challenges

Why not provide them the inspiration, positive thoughts and support in one of our healing gifts? Customers tell me repeatedly how helpful and supportive they are.  The regular-sized gift includes a pretty deck of healing affirmations, a tiny heart-shaped candle and a “You’ve Got This” sticker for only $19.99. The large gift also includes our Guided Journal through Grief, a luxury lip balm and a pink heart shaped rose quartz stone, all for only $34.99 .

Add one of our 4 oz. healing candles –unscented are available– for only $12 and shipping.  Or consider a custom candle and specify whatever healing stones are appropriate.


If you’ve got a loved one celebrating successful completion of treatment and interested in supporting ongoing good mental and physical health, our affirmation decks and stunning candles would be lovely choices.

Those grieving a loss

That was me almost a year ago and yes, I still feel the loss. Something we don’t get over….as Willie Nelson sings, it’s something we get through. To help those who grieve get through this tough time, I offer beautiful caring gift packages. My deck of grief affirmations are used as thoughts of the day and I have clients who say they go back to them for every loss. The deck plus a heart shaped candle makes up the regular size condolence/grief gift. The larger size also includes an Apache Tear obsidian stone which helps with grief, the gentle Guided Journal through Grief and a tiny pink candle for only $34.99. It’s hard to even send a nice bouquet for that and these caring gifts are gentle, supportive, unique.

If they’ve gotten a new pet or even lost a pet, see my Pet Candles tab up top of the home page. You could also consider a custom candle at quite affordable prices.

Family Gift Exchange or Stocking Stuffers

Those 4 oz. candles make the prettiest gifts at a range of prices –or even stocking stuffers for only $12!

Hostess Gifts

If you’re someone’s guest for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, why not order a pretty candle as a hostess gift? If you’d like to burn it at the dining room table, make it unscented. Otherwise, you can still order the best winter holiday scents ever! So Nice Sugar & Spice, Nutmeg & Spice, Christmas Spruce, Holiday Hearthside, Creamy Creme Brulee and Winter Spice.  All so yummy for winter holiday parties!

Neighbors, Coworkers, Teachers

I’m already busy making small candles for my own special people. If you want a little something different, that’s beautiful and will be appreciated, why not give a candle?

The other day several customers commented that they appreciated that my products are beautiful and that I kept my prices so low. It’s a fact: my prices are significantly lower than products of similar quality. And they ARE quality. I would love to be part of your holiday shopping experience.

Thank you.

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