Who are the special people for whom you’d like to light up the holidays?

Mine include my hairstylist, dog groomer and all of my good friends.

Let me help you light up the holidays for your special people with one of my stunning, already budget-friendly candles. Because I’m about to make them even MORE affordable.

Here’s $2 off any candle from now until 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday, Nov. 18

Order as many as you like, just use the checkout code 2OFF to get your discount.

Anyone who sees them, wants them. They’re beautiful. They come in some yummy fragrances or no fragrance at all.

Holiday candles have a holiday motif. All have botanicals, flowers and tons of healing crystals.

Not just one. MANY.

It’s a good discount on already low-priced prettiness. So enjoy it!

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