These pretty pottery pendants are about an inch across. Easily placed on a cord. With a 4 oz. candle.

If any of your pets have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge you’ll love this condolence gift that I’ve put together in honor of my late soulmate dog, Riley..and it’s also a celebration gift in honor of Cutie and Benji.  What? A pet condolence gift OR a celebration gift? Either one?  Yes! and it’s straight from Sedona.

We love our pets, let’s start there.


My Riley.

And if you know me, you know that my Riley’s death was difficult  … and if you knew HIM you know why it was. At the same time the arrival of our two rescue dogs, Cutie and Benji has been healing. Two sides of the same coin.

So when I saw these cute little pottery hearts with paw prints (and a hole punched for a cord or chain) in Sedona I knew I’d offer them to you.

They’re a beautiful way to honor a pet for “gotcha day” or to remember one who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

If you’d like to gift a pet-lover with a beautiful candle that comes with the paw print pottery pendant, you can do that with a 4-oz. candle or a 10-oz. candle.

The candles are unscented and loaded with healing crystals and beautiful botanicals. Each is one of a kind, hand-poured soy, eco-friendly and are long burning–with no soot.


My Benji & Cutie

Wouldn’t it be a great way to celebrate a new pet joining a family? If someone you love has a new pet, I hope you’ll consider it.

And–what a beautiful pet condolence gift. I know it would’ve been just the right thing in memory of Riley. If someone you care about has lost a pet, I hope you’ll consider it.

I offer them to you in his memory,  to honor my precious Benji & Cutie….and to honor your pet or that of a loved one.

Product includes candle and pendant. And as always, budget-friendly.





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