“Your eyes are so bright and shiny, you look like a little girl!” someone I’d just met exclaimed as we were saying goodbye the other day.

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been a little girl, but that sweet comment made me think about how we adults don’t always connect with the child-like part of us. That part that sees joy and laughter in the world around us.

Life can rob us of that innocence and it can be hard to get it back.  And yet…

I think about the purity with which a child approaches the world, with wonder and a joyful spirit, so in the moment– and I realize how wearing growing up is. Life can beat us down, make us feel jaded and negative.

The comment my lovely client made encouraged me, made me think that perhaps I hadn’t completely lost my child-like enjoyment of the moment.

I’d like to reconnect with my inner child more and approach the world with more wide-eyed wonder than is usual at this age. In fact, I think we could all benefit from accessing that innocence a bit more, especially in these dark times.

Got any ideas about how we can do that?



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