It’s been years since I’ve felt holiday shopping stress, so let me share my secrets with you. There are only two. And a suggestion:

1. Shop early.

I do holiday shopping all year when I travel and at sales. Everything gets stashed in a couple big boxes set aside for that purpose. I keep a running list so I know how far I’ve gotten. By October, 99 percent of my holiday shopping is done.

It’s not too late–it’s still early! Beat the crowds, shop the sales, or make it even easier with my second idea:

2. Shop online.

Since some of my loved ones have way too much “stuff,” I gift them a basket of goodies each year. If they’re local, I might make one myself. If not, it’s Harry and David, Wolferman or various wine sellers. Or a gift certificate for something they like.

Some of the vendors send me my holiday list each year, so I can simply re-order or order something else from the same vendor without adding names and addresses again. It’s ridiculously easy.

I gifted my last surviving aunt and her husband with a basket each year. The vendor notice this year was poignant–she died some months ago. So I’ll be changing the addressee to only her husband, a really nice man who is going to have a tough holiday.

That’s the long and the short of it, in that you can make short work of even the longest lists by using these two helpful ideas to avoid holiday shopping stress.

3. Suggestion: Let me help!

But even easier, let ME help!  There isn’t a single person who has been disappointed after buying my candles. Customer feedback is “they’re gorgeous!” and “I love them!”  Not to mention “They smell so good!” They make quite an impression–and the pretty 4 oz. candle is only $12! You can even get it unscented, and with stones only and no botanicals. All are in glass containers, no two are alike. The 4 oz candle is compact but significantly bigger than a votive. All soy, cotton wicks, no phthalates — eco-friendly.

By the way, I just saw a 3.5 oz candle with ONE stone being sold for $25.  One crystal stone. No flowers. Not even as pretty.

So if you’re looking for pretty gift for a neighbor, teacher, your hairdresser, manicurist, baby sitter or even a stocking stuffer, you can’t do better. It’s what I’m giving to lots of people in my life!

If you’d like to go bigger, consider a bigger candle–still the same low prices–my biggest candle is 16 oz for only $25.  It is absolutely lovely and it comes with a free meditation. And there are all sorts of sizes (and prices) in between.

Get it unscented..or in one of my many yummy scents–there are holiday scents, orange fragrances that are to die for, lavender, apple cinnamon–even creme brulee! And so many more! Check them out on my Candles page.


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