I end every regression and spiritual service with a healing shower of white light that allows clients to wash away anything that no longer serves them and bask in the light of love, refreshed and at peace.

The imagery of a shower of white light is powerful. And today, when there’s so much distasteful news, it’s a lovely thing to do each day. So here’s how.

Take a long, deep breath in...and let it out long and full.

Do it again.  And once again.

Then imagine yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place. It could be in nature or it could be in spa. Yes, I’m serious. If your peaceful place is in a spa, go there!

It could be a place you’ve been to or one in your imagination.

And then, notice a shower of healing white light nearby. Walk over to it. And step in.

Imagine being showered with healing white light that washes all negatives away and leaves only healing.

Imagine that beautiful feeling of peace and relaxation. Stand there as long as you like.

Then, notice a large cup nearby and pick it up. Fill the cup with that healing white light and carry it back with you.

Return any time you like to refill your cup. The healing shower is a gift from the Divine that is always there for you.

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