consciousnessNow that I’ve had a little time to process the Afterlife Symposium I attended in Scottsdale, I wanted to report back. It’s sponsored by a great group of knowledgeable, smart people I’ve followed and admired for years.  This was the second year I’ve attended and what I liked best about last year was the emphasis on the science of the afterlife. The big question is “Does conscious reside in the brain? Or does it reside outside the brain, perhaps in the soul?”

It’s more than a philosophic question; it’s a matter of science. Even anesthesiologists will tell you they don’t really understand the nature of consciousness. Get hold of THAT for a moment. If consciousness does NOT reside in the body, if it resides elsewhere, what are the implications for us humans? This is a question I’ve spent a lot of time considering and reading about.

I’m all about the woo, which is to say I push on things to see what they’re all about. I believe in having an open mind about the nature of life and consciousness and want to learn as much as possible about work that’s being done all over the world.

Anyway, this year’s conference was lighter on science, which was a disappointment. But there were other high points.

How did her dead son’s image get on her phone?

A woman in a nearby group of family members took a photograph of a wall hanging and when she looked at the photo,  the image of her dead son appeared, superimposed on the photo. This happened in real time–no time to Photoshop. And it happened a second time, this time with a less clear image of her son.

His wife and kids were also there and when his mom discovered what had happened there was much excitement  I’ve heard of things like that happening but I’ve never actually seen it. Until then. How does that happen? I don’t know. But then again, my friend texted me a week after she died. Truth.

Can dead people manifest in physical form?

I attended a session about physical mediumship: the ability to manifest in solid form those who have passed on–involving ectoplasm and some new concepts. I hadn’t known much about it before that session, but I found it fascinating and plan to do more exploration.

Since I’m a regressionist

I attended an excellent presentation on life between lives regression. It’s a service I do, too, via Skype or in person. In a life between lives regression, a client has the opportunity to visit the time just before this life when they are making plans for the lessons of this life with their spirit team and wise elders.

It’s my favorite kind of regression to have, myself, and I love doing them, as well. I appreciated the opportunity for continuing education.

There WAS some fascinating science

Sonia Rinaldi is a Brazilian scientist who is using technology to record voices from the afterlife and even from the minds of nonverbal people. Her work is riveting stuff. If you’d like to learn more, here’s additional info.

The symposium featured many mediums, far more than last year. That’s appealing to many people but for me, not so much. I have worked with many mediums over the past 20 years and now have one in particular who has been an amazing resource and even a spiritual mentor.

And the closing angel wash is always a beautiful experience. In that session, we walked through an exercise meant to wash away anything we no longer need–guilt, shame, fear, grief–whatever. I do something like that at the end of every regression, but this one is done in a group with amazing music. I’m going to blog more detail about that another time. Suffice to say it was a high point again this year.

Making new friends

It’s always nice to meet new friends with whom you have something big in common, and this trip I did meet a cool woman who I suspect will become a good friend.

I don’t ever expect others to believe as I do –recognizing they haven’t had the experiences or done the reading I’ve done.  I’m no pushover–I like solid evidence and to experience things myself. I’m an observer and a critical thinker. And I’ve been known to change my mind if new information comes to light. IMy approach is usually “Let me look at this and see what it’s about.”

If you’re interested in spiritual connection, check out this affordable service — a guided after-death communication. 

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