sacred-spaceYou may have wondered how to create sacred space at home, a private space you can use to meditate, pray or simply reflect. Creating that sacred space is not as complicated as it might sound: it can be as small as a little table or as large as a closet. It can be a simple altar on a bookshelf or an entire room. It might even be a small garden.

Your sacred space or altar can be made in honor of a deceased loved one or devoted to a spiritual figure. Most often, though, it’s just a place for private spirituality, and that can look different for everyone.

A private place

It’s a special, peaceful place just for you–which means it’s electronics-free–and should be filled with things that calm and relax the mind; that can help connect you to Divine energy. Think about what you’d put in your own sacred space as you read about mine.

sacred-spaceCandles have a prominent place in my own sacred space. And yes, I love my own hand-poured soy candles, because they are embedded with all sorts of healing stones: rose quartz, amethyst, lapis, garnet, Apache tear and more. Perfect for an altar.

But not only are my candles crystal-embedded–I placed a variety of crystals all over my altars. Chunks of crystals large and small make a colorful statement about healing and many people believe in their healing power. I’m one of them. A piece of selenite has a prominent place in my sacred space. It’s a powerful crystal that clears, opens and activates the higher chakras and it’s great for spiritual work.

What means something to YOU?

Statuary of Buddha, the Madonna or other spiritual figures are often found on altars and can be found on mine, too. I don’t necessarily worship them, but I do worship the Divine energy they represent.

Did I say I love a flower or two on my altar? Nothing says an altar can’t be really pretty, right?

When I light the candles in my sacred space, it sets the mood for prayer, meditation and reflection.

With your own needs in mind, why not let me create a custom candle for your sacred space? Email me carol (at) ahealingspirit (dot) org and we’ll talk about what you might want. Or if you’d like to see what I have on offer already made, visit my candle shop here.

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