It’s not my circus. They aren’t my monkeys.

When I contacted my guides through a medium last month that was not the message I expected to get.

But I swear, that’s what they told me and if you don’t believe me, ask medium Hollister Rand.

So I dug into what that really meant and it’s this: When we own issues that belong to someone else in the hope of changing things, we’re making it our circus.

But is it really?

My default position has always been that I can change anything. Was it true?

No. In many situations, not true at all.

But I acted as if it were. I tried my hardest to change issues, situations and yes, even people by being logical or forgiving or loving or…or..or…

Those are all good things to be.

None of it made a difference. And the reason it didn’t is that it wasn’t my circus and they weren’t my monkeys.

The act of letting go of that illusion (or delusion) has brought me great freedom. It’s not my circus. They’re not my monkeys.

So if, like me, you think you can fix things if you were only louder, nicer, more persistent or whatever…try this instead:

Let go.

Not everything is your circus.

Not every monkey is yours.

Once you get that, you might just get something better:

Healing. And one more thing: freedom.

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