hairI met Gina Kasznar at a women’s group meeting. Or rather, I first met her amazing head of blonde hair–it is absolutely gorgeous. So it was no surprise when I found she represented a hair product line. Since some of my friends and clients are or have undergone chemo and have had their hair challenges, we got to talking about how her products might help. And it turns out, they CAN help. And have helped many chemo patients. So I asked her to answer my five questions as part of my series 5 Questions With…

 1. Why is hair so important to women?

Our hair frames the first thing people look at when they see us…our face! Some women choose a clean and simple “frame”, some women choose a more extravagant “frame”, and some women are in between. Whatever the case may be, hair is important because I believe it gives women confidence and femininity. We make statements with our hair. A good hair day can change a woman’s whole attitude and arm her to conquer her day ahead. Your hair is the crown you don’t take off and every woman deserves a crown that’s always polished and refined.

2. What kind of hair challenges do your clients undergoing chemotherapy face?

When my clients have undergone chemotherapy, they may lose most, if not all of their hair…including their eyebrows and eyelashes. When their hair grows back after chemo, it doesn’t grow back the same. There can be bald spots, slow growth, thinner hair, curlier hair, straighter hair, and I’ve even seen cases where their eyebrows barely grow back at all.  It can be very unruly and unmanageable and quite frankly,  frustrating for a person who has just gone through a very tough time in their life. Why should they have to worry about yet another problem…their hair?

3. What products do you recommend and are they safe for chemo patients?

Monat is a product line that I am so happy to be able to offer to chemo patients and anyone who is unhappy with their hair. Monat is a naturally based, anti-aging, growth-promoting hair care line that is groundbreaking. It is safe for chemo patients to use because we say no to toxic ingredients. We use rich formulations of botanical & essential oils and antioxidants that make these naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties.

Some of the specific products I recommend to chemo patients are as follows:

Intense Repair Shampoo – All of our products promote hair growth, but this one in particular is intended for people who have severe hair loss. It is more concentrated to help with hair growth.

Intense Repair Treatment – This product is a leave-in treatment that is sprayed on the scalp daily to penetrate the hair follicle and stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth.

S3 Supplement Support System – Each of the clinically proven ingredients in this daily capsule work together to replenish the possible nutrient deficiencies that could be contributing to hair loss. S3 provides a holistic hair regrowth treatment that works to promote enhanced hair growth from the inside out.

Eye Wonder – Eye Wonder is a high-performance serum formulated with clinically proven ingredients that helps increase the strength and condition of brows and lashes.

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive – I love this product because it has so many incredible uses! It can be used as a scalp treatment to rejuvenate and nourish the hair and scalp. It can be used on the skin as a moisturizer and it has anti-aging properties. And it can also help to heal or lessen the effects of sunburns, cuts/scrapes, burns, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Most of our products are infused with this incredible oil.

4. What results have chemo patients had after using your products?

It is not necessary to wait until you have lost all of your hair from chemo to use these products. You can be proactive and start using Monat right away if you know you are going to be undergoing chemotherapy. Feed your hair and scalp with these nutrient rich ingredients to keep it healthy and ready to restore your hair after you are done with your chemo treatments.

After using Monat, many chemo patients have found their hair grows back faster, healthier, and more manageable. I’ve even seen some patients whose hair was completely dormant months after finishing chemo. It wasn’t until they started using Monat that they saw incredible results in just 2 weeks! These results help build confidence and motivate patients to triumph over the battle they fought with cancer. It’s amazing what great hair can do for your self-esteem and drive.

And Monat isn’t just for chemo patients…it’s for everyone! We have products for volume, hydration, a men’s line, styling products and even a junior line for kids. It has even helped people with alopecia and people who suffer from balding or thinning. It greatly improves the quality of your hair so you will never have a bad hair day again!

hair5. How can someone work with you?

There are few different ways you can work with me:
1. You can become a retail customer to purchase Monat at full price.

2. You can become a lifetime VIP with Monat for a one-time fee of only $20. This VIP membership will give you 15% off products, access to all of our flash sales and promos, and for orders $84 or more you will receive free shipping and a free “Only For You” limited edition product with your order!

3. You can sign up to join my team as a Market Partner and start your own Monat business. The compensation plan is amazing, the cost to start is very low, you don’t have to keep any inventory, and you get 30% off products. And I mean it when I say that Monat truly is an amazing company to own my business with. They are a family owned business and they genuinely care about their employees. Joining Monat on this revolutionary hair care journey has changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

See Gina’s website for more info:

Phone: 408-431-4819

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