What dogs teach us is profound, if we’re paying attention.

Dogs don’t send cards, make chicken soup or do any of the things that we think about doing when a loved one is sick.

They know what to do. It’s instinctive.

They are simply there. They sit by the side of their sick loved one and simply are there for them.

It’s just that easy: Be there.

When our Cutie had an irritation she kept licking raw and had to wear a cone, our Benji sat by her side. All day. Everyday. Steadfast.  He was there for her.  Just…there.  And in that way, he took care of her.

It was beautiful.

I’ve always believed the best thing we can do for a loved one is be there for them, but I’ve always lived away from many loved ones. I could come in for weeks at a time. But it wasn’t always possible for me to be there every day.

And that’s why I do the work I do. Our beautiful healing gifts allow anyone to be helpful even when we can’t be there. The healing affirmations, the guided journalhealing candles–they are all ways we can say “I’m with you. I’m thinking of you.”  Even when we can’t be there.

Always affordable. Candles as low as $10. Gift packages as low as $19.99. Discounted shipping. Can you tell I believe in supporting others? I hope you’ll consider our gifts. Thank you.

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