This unscented candle is loaded with healing stones. It was made for a patient undergoing cancer treatment.

Ancient healing rites and techniques are regaining favor these days and so are crystals. While there may be no official scientific proof that they help, many holistic and alternative practitioners use crystals in healing work and so do I. I happen to be a believer, if only because I believe in the placebo effect.  If we believe it’s helping, well, it can help.

So today I’m showing you how I use crystals and the stones I think are most important in healing work.

First, each of the two gift packages offered here always include either an Apache Tear obsidian (for grief) or Rose Quartz (for healing). In my own grief, I found feeling the smooth curves of an Apache Tear in my hand was a comfort. I can’t explain it. But once I realized its power for me I added it to our gift packages.

Every candle that I make is a healing candle loaded with hidden and visible healing stones. And not just because they make a pretty candle. Here’s what you’ll find in my healing candles–and why.


Amethysts are protective stones and vibrate at a very high frequency. They stimulate the crown chakra and are said to have powerful healing, purifying transforming powers. To me it’s the most powerful healing stone. I got my first small amethyst decades ago and since then have acquired several more. Every single candle I make includes amethysts, either hidden, visible or both.

Healing Meditation with amethysts: Enter a calm space in your house. Light your candle and focus on your breath. A few deep breaths in and out…then, visualize the healing you want to occur and let the mellow amethyst energy clear a path to healing. Feel how the amethyst radiates its protection throughout your body. Spend a few minutes visualizing healing, then give thanks to the Divine and end your meditation.

Be sure to cleanse your amethyst after meditating, which can be as easy as putting it out in the sunshine for a while.

Rose Quartz

Oh, how I love this stone! Each large healing gift has a heart-shaped rose quartz stone in it and I’ve been topping some of my larger candles with them, too. See the main image on this page, pink larger stone top left. That’s a heart-shaped rose quartz! While many associate rose quartz with love it is also associated with supporting the healing of heart ailments, lung and circulatory problems. Some say it’s a great energy support for leukemia patients. It’s said to help rid body fluids of impurities.  It speeds recovery (who wouldn’t want that) and is supposed to be a powerful healer for kidneys, adrenals, and vertigo. Interestingly, rose quartz is said to help increase fertility and to protect from miscarriage. It opens the heart chakra to self-love, too.

So of course, all healing candles have rose quartz somewhere on or inside them.


“Laptop, coffee & my candle=perfect summer morning” said a happy customer last week!

Lapis Lazuli

There’s a long list of ways the beautiful, blue lapis lazuli stone can help with healing.  It is said to be an immune system booster and good for inflammation of all kinds. It’s been used to help relieve anxiety, high blood pressure, throat problems, eye issues and for those of us who are aging, it’s said to help enhance memory. Some say it helps us confront and speak our truth, something those who are in treatment must do all the time as their own advocates. All of  my larger candles include lapis.


Does this surprise you as much as it surprised me? Another immune system booster, garnets are also believed to give us a little energy lift, too. It helps heart, lungs and blood disorders, according to those who use them in healing work. Ancient shamans and medicine men used garnets inside open wounds to stop bleeding.  They’re beautiful, too. Of course, all crystals have special beauty. But I love to sprinkle garnets atop my larger candles.


I know, you thought maybe just jewelry. Nope.  It’s used to help the respiratory system, bone issues (hip or knee replacement, anyone?), the body’s waste system and to stimulate the immune system. After a customer asked for a custom candle using turquoise with other stones, I’ve just started topping a few of my standard candles with some.


Of course, can’t use turquoise without some coral! It’s said to help empower the circulatory system and the bones. Since it also stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes blood cells, according to crystal healers, it’s got both power AND beauty.

crystalsApache Tear Obsidian

This volcanic stone was such a comfort to me. It’s used for grounding and protection and absorbs negative emotions.  A good stone for grief and emotional distress.  The Native American legend is that rather than be captured by the cavalry in a raging battle, Native American braves jumped from cliffs to their deaths. Their women grieved so deeply their tears turned to these black stones when they hit the ground. You’ll find them in many of my candles and all my grief candles.

Can you see why these candles with gemstones (and botanicals), scented or not, make a beautiful healing gift for anyone on your list? Or have a custom candle made specifically for certain needs.

When I began making candles it was to help with healing, just like my business name underscores. So if you buy one of our candles loaded with healing crystals (and prettied up with gorgeous real flowers), here’s how to use it:

  1. Put it in your bedroom near where you sleep. As you drift off, say in your mind “I am healthy, healed and strong.”
  2. Put it in a room you spend a lot of in. Let it imbue the room with healing energy.
  3. Use it in your office. Periodically during the day repeat in your mind “I am prosperous and fulfilled in my career.”
  4. Light it during meditation and enjoy watching the stones reveal themselves as the candle burns.If you’d like to look through our candle offerings–the different scents and sizes and the great prices, here’s where to look. 

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