Many people I know are in constant motion and most of that motion is spent doing for others.

The reasons for that are complex. Some have kind hearts.  Bottom line. They act completely out of kindness.

Others do it out of a deep sense of insecurity, to prove their worth and ensure others think well of them.

And still others feel a sense of obligation. Or even guilt.

Self care is not a priority.

The piper must be paid

One day, though, they may find themselves failing. A mental or physical health crisis occurs. Or a job crisis. Sometimes it’s exacerbated by the fact that they’ve run themselves ragged for others — and failed to honor themselves.

Sometimes, we think there’s something selfish in honoring ourselves and putting ourselves first. If we honor our own value.

But it’s not true.

Only by putting ourselves first can we even begin to be there for someone else.

We might even be comfortable with the concept:to  honor our own value. It’s a hard lesson, learning to fill our own cup first.

Airplanes as a metaphor for life

There’s a reason flight attendants direct us to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Whether it’s on an airplane or in other parts of life, we can’t be there for someone else if we aren’t there first for ourselves. There’s nothing selfish about that.

If you do nothing else this week, take time to honor your own value.

Read a book. Take a solo walk in nature. Or a nap. Meditate.

Watch the sun set … or rise.  Play with your pets. Listen to music. Play some music.

Savor a cup of tea or coffee. Stroll in a garden. Relax on a beach.

Do it for yourself. To honor your own value.

Those other needs? They’ll still be there when you’re done.  And you’ll come to them more refreshed than you have ever been.

Trust me on that.


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