Most children in my era were raised on fairy tales and little girls were particularly fond of the handsome prince who sweeps pretty young girl off her feet. Fairy tales are part of what shapes us, for good or for bad. Which is the appeal of Prince Harry’s recent marriage to Meghan Markle.

This post isn’t about feminist statements or the harmful effects of fairy tales.

Fairy tales as pain relief

It’s about how we can use fantasy to help heal. Or to for pain relief.

Modern-day fairy tales take us out of the humdrum lives most of us live and show us the possibility of dreams come true. Many of us have had the joyful experience of being overtaken by the happiness of falling in love with our own Prince Charming.

I know social media are bashed for how, in our humanity, it fosters unhealthy comparisons with others’ curated social media images.  But for those who are healing or having a dark time in their lives, I love the escapism of a beautiful, real-life fairy-tale romance.

Better than a Hallmark movie

Such is the story of the bi-racial actress who met the handsome, vulnerable rogue of a prince and married him in a wedding that rivaled anything the Hallmark Channel has to offer.

If it’s possible to escape into that kind of fantasy without comparison, I think it can be a good thing. Losing ourselves in a beautiful fantasy –the prince, the castle, the gown, the tiara, the pomp and pageantry and the joy–can be a way to escape for a bit. A way to relax, combat insomnia and even help us feel better.

I’m sure no one’s ever recommended watching a royal wedding to help manage discomfort, but I’m doing exactly that. The truth is, if you’ve got pain and suffering, you’ve got nothing to lose.

So even if you think the monarchy is outmoded and stupid, consider how this romantic event –or any event that takes us into fantasy– might be helpful.Even if only for a little while.

If it doesn’t work for you, that’s ok.  Pain relief is different for everyone.

Hypnotherapy has shown excellent results at helping people manage pain. If you’d like to know more, see this.

But to me, there’s nothing better than watching someone else’s happiness.

The bride wore Givenchy. But she wore happiness even better. Just watch. And lose yourself for a while in that joy.

Here’s the full wedding on video:

The Wedding

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