Trust who you are. Sounds easy, right?  But not so fast.

We lose confidence when others act out against us. Say mean things. Act unkindly.

Sometimes, we feel unprepared to make decisions, especially big ones.

Or we don’t get the validation we think we need.

Trust –in ourselves–can be difficult.  And yet, trust we must.

This came to mind a while ago while talking with a young client whose significant other refused to validate something she’d gone through.

“He’s not taking it seriously,” the client told me.

I felt that pain.

“It’s enough,” I told them, “that YOU know it and validate yourself. Everyone has their own journey. They aren’t at the same place you are. They are unable to validate you and that’s ok. But that took ME decades to understand.”

It did take me that long. And sometimes I do waver a bit. Just a little, because at this stage of my life I do trust myself.  Most of the time. 😉

Confidence. Trust. It’s a big step and sometimes a giant leap. But trust in ourselves is a necessary part of  human development and good mental health.

How about you? Have you learned to trust yourself and what led you there?

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