Not everyone believes in angels.

But many believe there’s something after this life. Or ask for help from what they call a “guardian angel” or what I call a “spirit guide”

If angels exist, I’m not sure they’re  flapping feathery wings up above. It’s a lovely image, though: an ancient and effective metaphor to indicate they come from above and travel up and down. But maybe not meant literally.

In modern spiritual thought, “spirit guides” are those who serve the purpose as guide and guardian angel. And many people believe they’ve been in touch with their own spirit guides. Some people think that’s a connection to their higher self.

Some people I work with have instant access–they’re able to connect with their guide(s) at will.

Me? Not so much. It takes some kind of spiritual connection technique for me to tune into mine. It doesn’t just happen whenever I want it to.

That’s one of the things a guided after-death communication does for me: it puts me in touch with those on the other side: my family, friends, and yes, even my guides.

Maybe you’d like to do that,  yourself? I can guide you in that service via Skype (see link just above) or help you make other spiritual connections.

You may find it difficult to believe, but Skype is as effective and usually MORE effective than in-person services.There’s nothing magic about being there in person because it’s all energy.

I’d love to talk to you about it. Carol (at)


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