surfThose big waves in life can be awesomely beautiful or risky and dangerous. Either way, they’re always powerful.

I am no different from you: when those big swells come up they can be intimidating. Sometimes, they’ve pulled me under.

It’s that way with being sick, with managing loss–it’s easy to get caught up in a wave and struggle for breath.

I’m learning that I can look at the wave, but not be attached to it or caught up in my fear and anxiety. No thinking of the past, no worrying about the future and no attachment to the wave that’s already hit me. I just look at it and sit with it.

It’s just a thought

When a sad thought comes up, I realize that it’s just a thought. I can let it go, if I want.

When I feel anxious I realize that it’s just a feeling. Feelings will come and they will go. I don’t have to spin out on it.

Someone wrote recently that we can ride the waves of change with grace and delight….and while it’s a worthy goal, I am a work in progress. Some change is not very delightful at all.

At the same time, when I don’t cling to my emotion, when I expand my awareness to find a flip side–and yes, sometimes I really have to search for it–when I do that, I find balance.

How about you?

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