So what ARE affirmations and how can they benefit us?

Affirmations are thoughts that set the tone for our day.

You can use our healing affirmations deck as mantras –and meditate on each card as it comes up.

If you don’t meditate,  simply pick one affirmation first thing in the morning and use it as your focus thought for the day. And you don’t have to be sick to benefit–you can do this if you are completely healthy, as well.

Customers in treatment can use it to set the tone for their treatment session–many pick one at the start of a day’s treatment and focus on it to help support healing.

Think it, feel it!

You may wonder why affirmations are in the present tense.  “But I don’t have unlimited energy as the card says!”

You’re meant to take the thought, visualize it and actually try to feel it. Because what we think can influence how we feel. There’s much evidence that if you think it enough and you can actually begin to feel better.

Most of us already know about the power of visualizing treatment killing unhealthy cells and how that has helped support patients, right? These beautiful affirmation cards make that even easier by presenting the thoughts–50 of them-in a compact and portable format. If you’re sick–cancer, colitis, chronic illness, M.S., and just about any disease–all 50 cards apply.

Anyone can use them

Survivors can use the healing affirmations deck, too, and so can those who are perfectly healthy–because many of the affirmations are more about good health than treating disease. Since there are 50 in a deck, choose those that apply to you.

Did I mention that they’re really pretty? So it’s a visual pleasure to look at them. And also that they’re budget-friendly? Only $14.95 for the healing affirmations deck of 50 cards.

DISCOUNT! And in honor of Dr. Amy’s fabulous work with those who are chronically ill, which I wrote about here yesterday,  I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on the Healing Affirmation deck. Just enter the code AMY when you check out. That’s a $3.99 savings.


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