I’m going to tell you a secret about this little healing journal:

there’s science behind it.

That’s right. Studies have shown that some patients who do expressive writing about their disease have fewer symptoms and fewer doctor visits related to their disease.  More than 30% fewer. That’s a lot. I know I’d want that edge. Wouldn’t you?

Each page has a writing prompt or an activity or idea to support healing. One page asks you to write, draw, paint or collage what you’d say to your disease if you could.

Another gives you ideas about what to say to people who want to help. Or suggests healing activities. Many pages to support you.

Tired of tiptoeing around your disease at home? Here’s a place to express it:


Notice that the spiral binding allows you to fold the cover back to write or draw on the pages. At 6″ x 8″ it’s a perfect size to slip in a purse or tote and bring to treatment or anywhere else.

It’s a very special part of our healing toolkit, meant to support your healing and help you feel better. It’s also the biggest part of our large healing gift package, a thoughtful choice to support someone you love.

And can you imagine the journal is only $15.95? If you know someone who’s facing a tough illness, this would be a lovely, sensitive gift.

Come see the journal here and the gifts here.


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