look-withinThe answer to just about any question you have can be found within.

Ask out loud.

Yes, even if you’re alone. Say the question out loud. That jump-starts the subconscious, which is always running in the background. Mostly on your behalf.


Trust that you already know the answer and all you have to do is access it. It’s there. Maybe in your subconscious. In fact, that’s probably where it is.

Trust the hard answers. Maybe you don’t want to know. Maybe that’s why you’ve still got the question.  Even if you don’t like the answer, trust that it’s the right answer for the situation.


You have to be willing to feel. Sometimes the emotions bring out the answer. Sometimes you need to get the emotions out to get to the answer. Feeling is a necessary step. So let those feelings come. Welcome them.


Identify the filter by which you view the world. Notice it. Is the filter in the way? Does it need to shift? Slide it out of the way.


There’s a time and place for it. Recognize when that is.

Know it all.

Maybe you stopped looking because you think you already know. I’ve done that. Maybe you’ve got a backpack full of justifications. All the reasons for bad decisions. But if you’ve still got the question,  you really don’t know. Maybe you’re afraid to find out.


Like me, maybe you don’t think you’re patient enough to meditate. But it’s often through stilling the mind that we open up a channel to the answers. Meditation can do that. Guided imagery can do that.


Be open and receptive to what comes up. Don’t be afraid.

So try it. Look within for the answers you’ve been seeking. Trust that your inner self, your higher self, your intuition, your subconscious knows the answers. Knows the way.  And see what happens.



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