mind-bodyExciting news! Columbia University / MDAnderson Cancer Center researchers say that there is new and real evidence supporting the use of some mind-body therapies for breast cancer.

My belief is that if a mind/body works for cancer it likely works for other diseases, too, so this is promising. It’s certainly worth considering, no matter what you are dealing with.

Did you know that some 80% of people with a history of cancer use integrative and mind/body therapies? That’s why I’m thrilled to see reputable research supports some of the techniques.

Meditation is effective–no surprise!

Here’s what the study of breast cancer patients found:

For Anxiety & Stress Reduction
Music therapy

For Depression & Mood Disorder
Music therapy

To Improve Quality of Life

To Reduce Chemo-induced nausea & vomiting
Acupressure & Acupuncture

There was no strong evidence for the effectiveness of ingested dietary supplements or botanicals.

Here’s what seems to work best:

Meditation showed strongest evidence of effectiveness, according to researchers. I know this to be true from my hypnotherapy practice and the downloadable guided imageries I offer. Theseย  have been working well for patients who have undergone surgery or are using them to manage chronic pain and chemo symptoms.

It’s frustrating because I know hypnotherapy and guided imagery are helpful and yet, most people would rather take a pill. It’s “easier.”

But really, if there’s a chance to try integrative means to relieve pain, enhance recovery or handle other symptoms, why wouldn’t we?

No side effects. No special equipment. Just engaging the power of the mind to help heal. This even works by Skype–no need to be there in person.

For one person’s account of how hypnotherapy helped him remain pain-free and have a super-fast recovery after painful surgery, see this.

If you’d like to talk about how I might help with hypnotherapy via Skype or in person, email me: carol (at) ahealingspirit.org

If you’d like to order a super-affordable downloadable audio to support chemo, manage pain, reduce anxiety or prepare for surgery, here’s where.




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