dogsI’m a big believer that the Universe gives you what you need when you need it. It’s happened again and again in my life.

Back in November, our beloved Riley died unexpectedly. I wasn’t sure I could come back from the overwhelming grief. Also inconsolable were major people in his life, who loved him almost as much. Countless friends of Riley’s expressed their own sadness for weeks. Many said they couldn’t imagine me without him. Neither could I. Some said they couldn’t imagine themSELVES without him. He was that kind of dog.

It was so hard to accept that he was not coming back. No matter how much we –or they–wanted him to.

There were days that I could consider having dogs again and days that I couldn’t even imagine it.

We knew that when the time was right we’d adopt older dogs or maybe special needs dogs. And from time to time I’d visit rescue sites and look around, and then donate money instead of adopting.

Around Valentine’s Day, one Facebook video about a bonded pair that had been turned into the shelter got my attention. A few days later I showed it to Michael. We wiped our eyes, looked at one another and nodded: these were our dogs. Here’s the video: (make sure you have volume & that tissues are handy)

A week in the shelter for this cute little duo before the rescue group pulled them out and into loving foster care just about did them in. Their foster moms did a great job helping them readjust. Plus they both had surgeries while in foster care (all is well with them now!) as their original home didn’t provide much (if any) veterinary care.

These precious pups have been through a lot, already. We didn’t want to put them through more.

Sweet Benji

But we had a month-long trip to the East coast coming up bounded on both sides by family events. We didn’t want to welcome them to their new forever home and then disappear for a month.

Still, I thought these were our dogs, so I emailed the Silicon Valley Pet Project about our dilemma. I wondered if it wouldn’t be better for them to have a chance at a home that could immediately take them. I wasn’t sure they’d be able to work with our logistical issues.

The SVPP asked us to apply. After deliberating for a few days, they asked if they bring Cutie and Benji over (with their two wonderful foster moms) for a home visit. We said “yes!” (Of course.)

Cutie (L) & Benji. Focused on some chicken. 😉

I might as well just cut to the chase: we fell in love. Big love. Can you see why? And so, they have joined our family.

He who holds the chicken holds the power.

Benji, an adorable 10-year-old toy poodle is a total cuddle bunny with an equally adorable hanging tongue (he had to have almost all his teeth extracted a couple months ago). He’ll be spending a whole lot of time in mama’s (my) arms. Just a lover. Cutie is seven, a maltipoo like Riley, and clearly a brainy girl. Shrewd and cute as her name, she is a HANDFUL! She and Michael have already connected in a big way and I’m certain they will have a GREAT time together!

Who has more personality, Cutie or her foster mom?

Right now, we’re taking the introductions slow and easy with home visits (and overnights) that are going well. Their lovely foster moms are helping us out while we’re away. We’ll be introducing our petsitters and our mobile groomer soon.

Yes, there’s still a void in our lives. There will never be another Riley. I still grieve his loss and I always will. He’s part of me, in my heart, and always will be. My soulmate dog.

But we’re certain that he had something to do with this adoption. And that Benji and Cutie (and their antics) will become social media favorites, and that we will love them just as much.  In fact, we already do.

Benji and his wonderful foster mom visiting us. Yes, I know. The tongue!

So please welcome Benji and Cutie to the ‘hood!


We couldn’t be happier to be their forever home and you’ll be seeing a lot of them on social media in the coming months.

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