I was taken aback the other day at a women’s networking meeting to hear someone object to my use of the term “old” to describe myself and to hear her say she’d never call herself that.

First, the context: I was using it as a self-deprecating term in a humorous anecdote. I try not to take myself too seriously, but people who don’t know me might not get that. Because a whole lotta people take themselves super-seriously.

Life’s too mysterious; don’t take it serious!

But to be serious just for a moment–not only do I feel empowered by being “old” but I know plenty of people whose lives were cut short and would love to still be able to call themselves “old.”

By today’s standards my 66 years are not considered “old”. But I’m no longer at midlife (unless I could live to 130, which is doubtful). Count it any way you like: I’m a senior citizen. And that’s ok with me.

Women, in particular, tend to get much of their self worth from their youthful appearance. Hence, the popularity of botox, fillers, cosmetic surgery. Some women diet themselves to the point of starvation.

I’m not interested in any of that.

Aging is REALLY ok with me, because there are so many benefits to being old, senior, older, and aging. The wisdom that comes with age is unbeatable. So is the self-acceptance. And the joy.  I appreciate every moment of being “old” because it IS a privilege denied many.

It’s time to redefine the adjective “old” –to remove the negative connotations and celebrate it! It brings with it all sorts of positives. It’s a victory of sorts.

Many ancient cultures got this and revered their elders. We marginalize them in our own popular society.

So let’s stop this pretense that we aren’t really older — or old — and embrace aging for the gift it is.

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