full-lifeMany of you are dealing with serious and even debilitating health issues. Ones that may keep you from doing some of the things you’d like to do.

Nonetheless, it is entirely possible to live a full life. And I’m going to show you some of the ways people I know are doing just that.


You may not be able to climb Everest or even hike a mile or two. But you CAN get out into the fresh air and admire nature. Do that as much as possible, even if it’s just on your patio. Breathe in the fresh air and breathe out any tension or grief. Watch the snow fall, watch butterflies flit or hummingbirds hover. Enjoy the Creator’s handiwork, as we were meant to.

You may not be able to get out of your wheelchair physically, but in your mind? You’re free.


If you’re lucky enough to have grandbabies, there’s nothing like a cuddle or two. Or three. If you have a cat or dog, those cuddles are just as good. Enjoy the loving feeling these sweet creatures bring out in you. Ahhh…love. Nothing like it.


So many movies are free online–YouTube is replete with them. Free. I love that!  If you’ve got Netflix or cable with its On Demand features, so many options available for free entertainment. Often for just the cost of an internet connection.


Board games have never gone out of style for some of us. Nothing like Monopoly, cards, Scrabble or even Chutes and Ladders with the right young kids!


I have two words for you: used bookstores. Get great books at bargain prices. Same with library overstock sales. I know, sometimes it’s hard to focus on reading but if you can, it’s a lovely escape.

And then there are blogs. And so much online content, like magazines and newspapers. And inspirational reading. A lot there if you’re in the mood.

Meditate. Affirm.

I love taking time to bring peace into my life. Meditation is more powerful than you might think. In one study, group meditation actually reduced violent crime rates. Think I’m kidding? Here’s an article about it. Take a look, then return here to finish up:

I made my affirmations for healing and grief to help by providing a positive or inspiring focus thought. Research shows that affirmations can be helpful –a Carnegie Mellon study showed that self-affirmations had a positive impact on stress levels and problem-solving ability. And boosted grade point averages in another study. It’s not such a stretch to see how they would help health and grief. One day research will show this, I firmly believe.

If you’d like some affirmations for health or to help release grief, they’re available on this site in pretty card decks or online as daily emails for 50 days. What a beautiful way to start each day and you can use them over and over.

And don’t forget–they make thoughtful, gentle gifts.

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