soulIt seems to me that the source of so much of the ugliness we see around us is this sense of separateness. Of “us” and “them.” Of our failure to get that we are all on the same journey. No matter our circumstance, nation of origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs.

A message from medium Suzanne Giesemann’s guides, Sanaya, resonated with me the other day.

It pointed out that we all have stories. But we are not our stories. And it’s the stories that keep us separate. It’s incumbent on us to see through the stories—our own and those of others.

How do we do that? We do it by being CONSCIOUS. By seeing with the eyes of the soul. When we do that, we see that we are not our stories. Not at all. We are pure beings. Beings of pure love and light.

As Sanaya so wisely points out, a light conscious of this can harm no other. “A conscious light loves all,” Sanaya says, “and there are no others. A conscious light sees stories for the illusions they are, dressing that goes with the body. Not the real you.”

The gift Suzanne’s guides bring us is what they call “healing energy awareness,” and awakening that comes with the word conscious. A reminder that we are all on the same journey, no matter how we’re dressed.

A reminder to be conscious and look at others with the eyes of our soul. To see past the differences.

If we can do that, we can create a world worth living in.

If you’d like to see what messages your own guides have for you, talk to me about this service or even this one.

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